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Re: Poll: How important is working with strong-gripped, "static grabs" in your aikido

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I think I see part of the miscommunication. I guess I haven't been clear. I did not use the term "flowing" in my above question, nor have I used the term at all to describe what I think is a correct training except in a very general response to someone else's comments about it. I apologize for being unclear.
OK, I'm not understanding what you're describing then with, "moving slowly and precisely and learning form without strong static grabs for a few months..."

Are you describing a solo exercise or slow partner practice with minimal/moderate resistance initially from static? Or are you not talking about a static exercise at all, in which case I don't see where flowing would be an incorrect descriptor. (Not trying to be argumentative, just honestly not sure what you're describing.) I should point out I'm quite familiar with Linda Holiday, Anno Sensei, Mary Heiny and others out of the Shingu tradition (which I assume you're a part of in Santa Cruz) so if there's any specific examples from that line I would recognize, please feel free to use them).

To be clear, the practice I'm advocating is slow precise movement with a partner that is grabbing very strongly and attempting to keep me frozen in space (the way one would if they were attempting to keep me from drawing or using a weapon) and get connection back to my center. I'm not talking about muscular strength on muscular strength, or big pulses of movement to disrupt a static partner.

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