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Re: Poll: How important is working with strong-gripped, "static grabs" in your aikido

Christian Moses wrote: View Post
I spent probably the first 10 years of my training doing flowing, primarily from motion stuff, with an emphasis on connection and timing.
I think I see part of the miscommunication. I guess I haven't been clear. I did not use the term "flowing" in my above question, nor have I used the term at all to describe what I think is a correct training except in a very general response to someone else's comments about it. I apologize for being unclear.

You appear to use the term suggesting or implying that uke cooperates and falls down for their partner. I am not advocating that either.

I'm glad your training works for you, though.

I think static resistance is a training tool. No it's not how people fight, but neither is shomenuchi.
Sure, but I prefer to use training tools that instill habits into my body that I don't have to change later as I progress.

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