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Re: Aikido Free Mat Time

I worked on the irimi techniques today, but with more movement than I noramlly do in a formal class. This practice helped me to discover a great deal about this seemingly simple irimi step and the positioning that it creates with Uke. This will definitely brings greater fluidity to my future practice sessions.
Other than balance, posture and breathing (which I would also like exercises to help me improve upon), it seems that there are about four concepts that reign supreme in aikido, conection, distancing, entering, and timing. Although physical strength and conditioning are not on this list, these seem like a resonable outcome of rigorous practice.
What do you recommend? What do feel is your strong point in your aikido practice, and why? What has made the real difference in your practice and enjoyment of aikido?
I would like this post to grow into a series of best practices from devoted aikidoka.

Thank you for your help on my path to maturity in this incredible art.

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