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"Blending Physical Therapy with Martial Arts"

Posted 2007-03-31 13:37:36 by Jun Akiyama
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This article entitled "Blending Physical Therapy with Martial Arts introduces us to "Leslie Russek, an associate professor of physical therapy at Clarkson University and a chief instructor at North Country Aikido" who uses aikido principles in physical therapy. She says, "For example, in physical therapy, when I am laying my hands on a person to stretch out a muscle, I have to be relaxed for them to relax. If I touch a person when I am tensed, they'll tend to be tensed. In Aikido, it's exactly the same way. The same physical skill and the same sense of connecting to a person from my center that is used in Aikido are used in physical therapy."

What are your thoughts on taking aikido principles to such fields as physical therapy?

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