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Re: Hakama and Obi tying. . .

I've toyed with the idea of wearing my obi on the outside, but my reason is different. In our dojo, hakama are optional until shodan. Our chief instructor (a long time friend from a previous aiki-jitsu dojo years ago) knew I had a hakama coming into the class, and insisted that I wear it, even though no one under shodan was currently wearing one. Honestly, I feel more comfortable wearing it because of the lower back support it provides and the extra warmth it gives my cantankerous old joints. And from a personal standpoint, when I found out that O-Sensei wanted everyone to wear hakama in his dojo, I wanted to wear it to honor his wishes.

But there's a downside. Where I'm the only kohai wearing one, and where my obi is buried beneath the miles of himo that Bujin provides, some new students get confused and think I'm yudansha. Even after they know, for some reason (subliminal) they tend to give me more respect and clout than I deserve at this point in my training.

So I have honestly thought about wearing my white obi on the outside until I reach at least 2nd kyu (all students below 2nd wear white in our class, then brown until shodan) just to cut down on the confusion. I would appreciate any thoughts on this, and any alternatives you might have to offer!

Thanks to all,
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