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Re: Ki-Aikido or Taiji - effectiveness in developing Qi?

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
I'm not saying that what you are doing doesn't work. and I'm not saying it's not good. I'm just saying it's not unique, and not that uncommon.

However if you guys are talking about special tricks of leverage, and special little chi/ki "tests". And some breathing exercises and making chi circle your dan tien. Then no, top level athletes probably don't do/know those things. They probably don't know them because there are more clear and effective ways to gain the same things you are gaining.
Heh. Logically, if these things are not unique and not that uncommon, then you can do them? But you don't seem to know what they are, so it's a conundrum.

Actually, from watching a clip on some of the upcoming Chinese weight-lifters and some of the gymnasts being prepped for the Olympics, I suspect you're going to see some elements of these things in the Chinese Olympics teams. Personally, I think some of their athletes have already been trained with some of the aspects.

A couple of people who are Aikido teachers went to see what Dan can do in terms of jin skills and wrote fairly favorable reviews that it involved things they hadn't encountered before. Perhaps if you went to see Dan or Ushiro and asked to see/feel it would be worth your time. Then again... maybe none of these guys has your experience and skills.... but logically that means the skills must be unique and uncommon in some way. Hmmmmmmmm.....


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