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First, I'd like to say I don't like to see A´kido as a way to re-establish harmony. I prefer to see it as a way to maintain balance.

Rather than blocking uke's strikes in order to control him (you're kinky sex addicted, aren't you ?), why not guiding his fists in a way you prefer, to feel his Ki, to "swallow" his strength, etc. ?!
I think that, if you begin to block, you do play his game. When two torrents meet, what does happen, then ? It makes a more powerful torrent (with also many splashes , but it's another part of the story ) !!
Instead, what does happen when a torrent meet a peaceful lake ? It's simply absorbed by the lake and nothing happens. The torrent keeps flowing out, the lake is still peaceful and life goes on !!

Moreover, why imagining someone hits you ? Are you parano´d, or what ? I think we must be prepared (I should say awared). If you're afraid of being hurt, you'll act in order not to be hurt. I don't think I would be happy if you immobilize me because I begin scratching my head too quickly for you !!
If you are so nervous, you ought to get an eye on one of that site's articles (especially those speaking about calmness)...

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