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Originally posted by jimvance

That person is the universe. Chaos theorists would have a good discussion whether or not the universe exists within any sort of harmony. I for one think it is mandatory to have an attacker for Aikido even to exist. That's like saying you would like to practice conflict resolution without setting up a conflict.

Jim Vance
With regard to the chaos theorist, I personally subscribe to the camp that theorizes that the universe is always in harmony. Even the most chaotic event can be described through equations and statistical probabilities. We just currently don't have the computer power or insight to discern all the patterns.

Maybe Robert is trying to say that by seeing the other person as the attacker we set up a dichotomy of attacker vs. defender as oppose to seeing it as a synchronistic event. I know that I tell other Aikidokas not to see the uke as an attacker. When you see the uke as an attacker emotions start to get involved (like anger at being attacked) and we begin to set up an us vs. them mentality. I see uke as an event in which they try to place their energy/matter in a space where my energy/matter currently occupies. And as only one thing can occupy a space at any given time and I need a vessel to exist in this plane of existence I need to move in "harmony" with the approaching energy mass. In a perfect closed system my movement would be intrinsic to the event, like the instances effects of gravity on a ball that has been dropped from a building. The higher the building (How committed is uke.) the greater the energy generated by ball when it hits the ground (Nage's response.), the system is returned to a state of equilibrium.

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