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Re: Ki-Aikido or Taiji - effectiveness in developing Qi?

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
Who is generally accepting these masters?

I would say internal is the ability to naturally use the body. To issue great power effortlessly, and move in a coordinated rhythmic fashion.

What do you call internal?
Well, the ability to "naturally use the body" is kind of vague.
The way you generate power using internal mechanics goes almost contrary to common sense, or what we feel as "power", so it's not a very good description.

"Moving in a coordinated rhythmic fasion" has nothing to do with it either. Unless you can describe it in more detail.

Generally accepted masters?
I dunno, off the top my head... Sam Chin, Any of the top chen guys Chen Xiao Wang, Chen Zheng Lei, Ushiro Kenji to name a few.
Ark can turn a couple heads here and there with what he can do, in fact he might be doing a seminar sometime in the west coast, we'd love to have you

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
1. Yes ALL top level athletes have great internal ability, that's why they are top level athletes.
I totally disagree, having rolled with top athletes myself, and people with good internal skills. I agree with Dan on this point, you can have great internal skills and suck at fighting, or you can be a great athlete/fighter and have squat for internal skills.

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
3. I don't think it's at all hard to get (if you are comfortable with your body), and I don't know why everyone keeps harping on it.
If you mean that it's not hard to get physically, or mentally, then maybe you're within the top .0001 percent whose body was formulated that way from birth. Something I highly doubt.
(If you popped out of your mom's womb with a physique like the Aun statues, well let me know what her diet was )

For the rest of us, it's not something that is easy to get. The musculature has to change, as is the way you move fubdamentally. It requires a lot of fundamental training to rewire and rebuild certain things in the body.

I haven't found anyone that can do internal skills disagree with me on that account yet. Oh, or the fact that the skills are "something more" that have to be shown.

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
I only mentioned my teacher because I always thought it was funny that everyone goes around acting like internal power was the holy grail, and he (a noted internal martial artist) said you could get it from doing judo.
If that were true then maybe you could answer why experienced Judo guys over here in Japan get stumped when they can't break my balance and throw me? Even if I stand there and let them.
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