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An Epiphany in the Midst of Frustration

Hello All

I had a very interesting training session last night with a large part of the training on ikkyo. What a seemingly simple technique that is sooo deceptively difficult to learn properly.

I have been struggling to improve this technique for years.

I have been feeling that there wasnt something quite right about the way I did ikkyo and especially the pin and that has been a source of constant frustration. Last night proved that when I was training with Sensei.

But thanks to his patience, understanding, insight, persistence and genuine concern to help, ikkyo is a lot easier and more powerful. I've still got a lot more to learn but its a step in the right direction.

Yes there are periods of frustration and niggling thoughts that techniques dont quite feel "right". But there are moments where things become much clearer. That's what makes me continue despite the difficulties and the frustration because you do learn something if you're willing to put in the training effort and to keep an open mind.

Above all be patient and persistent and take any opportunity to train with sensei or senior or more experienced sempais when the opportunities arise. I know something about ikkyo that I can train and practice that I didnt know before. I live for these moments.

All the best for everyone's training.

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