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Re: Ueshiba on the future of Aikido

Yes, but then one could say, "I do aikido AND MMA!!". Plus, I enjoy collecting comic books and baseball cards.

(darn, I'm getting drawn into the madness -- now how do I hide this edit -- stupid flu)


I'm not arguing, per se, against the cross-training or MMA approach (guilty here, of both, at times). I'm more curious as to the formal pedagogical/hoplological underpinnings of the technical syllabus of aikido. I have no doubt that the founder tested himself against others. My own belief is that's one way that you train your skills (as JAB put above, we're of like minds on the subject). How you go about doing it is another subject entirely.

Anyhow, just wondering what info people may have of how exactly the ikkyu-rokkyu x-nage series of techniques were templated into the syllabus. At what point were they implemented as the teaching method of aikido and was the emphasis on the form or the "stuff" that made it happen? If the paradigm changed over time, when, where, why?



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