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Re: The Point of Aikido

For those people with whom the idea of aikido "training as a transformative experience" resonated, here is an article that resonates for me more recently, despite some of the "airy" language: Aikid¸«Ō and Self-Inquiry - particularly, "it is necessary to have strength that will hold up against competition and can continually embrace paradox."

Considering the context of these forums, I wonder if it would be make for a robust topic to discuss the paradox between facing and even cultivating/encouraging potency, negation of others, or danger within oneself and one's dojo/community and the endeavor of becoming "higher", more peaceful, in sync with the universe, etc.

I have also been thinking on the value of the possibilities to be found in weakness, and so this statement was also interesting: "The Founder was a person of unparalleled physical strength, yet he became enlightened to this truth. The fact that a person who possessed such tremendous strength as the Founder came to spread such a teaching is really quite magnificent."
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