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Originally posted by shihonage

I can make a dozen general Aikido metaphors off the top of my head ("Aikido is like a river because it flows around things instead of colliding with them!"), but I find that analogies specific to techniques (such as the "holding a pizza" for kokyo-dosa, for example) are the ones which actually contribute to a student's progress in Aikido, as opposed to his progress in making metaphors.
I understand what you are saying, but I don't necessarily agree. Is Aikido just a collection and catagorisation of techniques? or as some people put it, is it a martial way?

the general aikido metaphors encourage you to think about aikido and what it is or what does for you. I guess they help to stimulate the mind.

But I do agree that analogies specific to techniques can contibute to a students progress with thier physical aikido techniques.
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