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Re: Ueshiba on the future of Aikido

I just am over trying to convince anyone. I'm not even interested in talking to the ones who sort of endlessly debate. It isn't a real discussion. I'm talking past them to folks who are really taking this stuff in and then moving forward in their training and in the discussion.
The interviews in support of what Ueshiba was saying are so numurous that its pointless to deny them. Chiba went on to state when Ueshiba did these things and then lectured;
a. They didn't have a clue what he talking about
b. They couldn't wait for him to finish so they could go back to training.
c. Training.....what? They just go tolkd it wasn't his Aiki?
What were they doing that he considered it to be "Not his aikido?"
Why was he blown-off as just an old man booming. Becasue they had no cluse how to find it? How to begin to do it? I haven't found many of that crop who were solo training. They were doing waza looking for technique to eventually instill aiki in them.
Who was really listening?

The more things change the more thay stay the same
I demonstrated what I do to a teacher who also trained with Ueshiba Morihei. When that teacher watched then felt me it was stated flatly and in no uncertain terms the following: "This is Ueshibas Aikido! They don't teach ths anymore you know! It's not in modern aikido."
One fellow and I were somewhat taken a back and explained how this is such a debate on aikiweb.The teachers looked at us puzzled and said.
"What do they know? Did -they- train with Ueshiba sensei?"

We all were sort of stumped being faced with such simple logic.
I posted that experience before. No I'm not going to reveal the source. Ellis and Chuck know who it is as well as a fellow who posts here. Here it will just get debated just like all the other personal witnesses. Somehow in today's internet, anyone with a keyboard is equal to everyone else.
That teacher doesn't post or read so I don't want to reveal their name. Its not relevant ot the point I'm making anyway The point of it is to the discussion's of what Ueshiba's Aiki really was and how he trained it. As well as HIS openess as a MMA practioner in his day.
He was NOT cross training to add to some "collection" of techniques called Aikido. Most of which came from his son as a syllabus later-on. he was concerned with testing his real skills against all comers, Sumo, Judo, jujutsu, Koryu kenjutsu, kendo etc.
He was leading and exploring and testing his power, his Aiki
Not doing a collection of techniques to add to his techical base as a cross trainer.
It's wonderfully challenging to look ahead and think like that.
I think Ikeda sensei has a keen idea and so doea George of looking outward to move Aikido forward.
Just like Ueshiba would be doing.

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