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Re: Ueshiba on the future of Aikido

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Mike, you say that you practice three different arts/systems. Do you combine them and use the "other" skills to augment your aikido, when you're in the aikido dojo? Or does your aikido "remain aikido" and not look anything like TKD, or taiji, etc. when you are nage/tori?
Brief answer as I'm out of time today. Three arts, aikido, kendo and iaido. Yes I do find that things I learn in each affect the other arts and the way I practice them. For example I try to use the 'ki' or internal stuff I learned in aikido in all of them and consequently, the way I do the others looks different. I've also found that my ikkyo for example occasionally gets a bit of a fumikomi type of footwork as you'd find in kendo etc etc.. other examples too.


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