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Originally posted by Robert E
Is it against the philosophy of Aikido to have an attacker?
Don't get me wrong about the above post. I'm one of those blind idealist who wants to belive in the Aikido philosphy. Sometimes I even succeed and treat the guy yelling at me with all the compassion and sympathy I can muster. These a usually low risk situations. I really want to belive in the whole harmony with the universe, living shrine for the divine, and I work towards it every day.

But walking down Brooklyn streets late at night and seeing a "wolf pack" in front of me is a different story (for now). Either I cross the street in a nonchalant way (if possible) or I try to flank to their outside. All the while at the ready and visualizing possible scenarios, and to be honest most of them are quite bloody (mines as well as theirs). Maybe one day I will be good enough in aikido to visulaize a more peaceful solution and not see the "wolf pack" as possible attackers.

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