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Re: Ueshiba on the future of Aikido

Hi Dan,

To be honest with you I'm not entirely sure what the point you're trying to make in your post is. I know of many many people who cross train in various other martial arts in addition to aikido. I have students who are mainly from Tae Kwon Do or Judo backgrounds, guys from karate backgrounds. I practice three arts: aikido, kendo and iaido and I enjoy training with people from other arts than these whenever possible. I know plenty of people who are BJJ students who also do aikido. Kung Fu guys, Taiji guys. One of my sempai practices Taiji alongside aikido and finds them both extremely rewarding. I'm not the only one either, I'm pretty sure that if Jun were to put a poll up (assuming he hasn't done so in the past already) asking how many people cross trained in other arts the numbers would be fairly high. Isn't that representative of a lot of what you said above? Or is MMA something that in your mind has a different definition? i.e. separate from simply cross-training as you described the reincarnated Ueshiba doing in your previous post?

I've personally always been slightly wary of MMA as a principle not so much because I disagree with it in theory (I like the theory, hence the reason I like to cross train), but the people I've met who are MMA devotees have overwhemingly been cherry-pickers who take bits and pieces from whatever art they fancy as being 'effective', though they never actually define what they mean by 'effective'. That doesn't mean all or even most MMAers are like this mind, just the ones I've met. I recall one guy telling me that aikido wristlocks didn't work, he practically screamed when I put a nikyo on him. I think that says more about individuals than the principle as a whole though.

I am genuinely curious as to how and if you would differentiate between cross-training (a relatively common practice for many aikido students in my own personal experience) and MMA?


Mike Haft

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