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Re: Internal Power in your Aikido

If you're a beginner and you're doing two hours a day spread out over ten minutes here or there that's actually not so good. It's far more beneficial to set aside significant blocks of time where you can concentrate and burn-in the connections. Blocks of time will gve you chances to feel and focus far better then stolen moments, Then the greater your body understands the more you move with a new awaeness. And that becomes part of you 24/7. Then all day long- while moving- your body talks to you and you demand of it. So getting up from a couch turning around a corner, opening doors, picking up things or bumping into someone are whole new things.
If you are still doing martial arts if someone doesn't notice in a couple of ain't doing it right. If it's been six months and they haven't noticed- get a teacher. After a couple of years most MA people should be stumped at having to deal with you.
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