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Re: Poll: How important is working with strong-gripped, "static grabs" in your aikido

Chuck Clark wrote: View Post
There's no such thing as a "static grab or attack." If the uke is breathing there are cycles of movement involved. The very act of grabbing or gripping involves a coiling, pulling into yourself action. I guess the only real "static" situation is if a person is ignoring what's happening for whatever reason...
I assumed that was why it was in quotes, but perhaps not. I don't think I'm at the level of sensitivity where I can easily deliberately join with someone's breathing although I do work on it. On some days I'm able to relax and feel where to move more easily, on others (like when you're watching, sensei ), I can't find it at all!

I do still find it challenging to deal with someone who is using their EDUCATED center to kill my movement, which I also find somewhat counter-productive, however, that is perhaps a difference in skill levels rather than a difference in "static" vs. energetic grabs.

But in general, I don't find "static" grabs themselves difficult to deal with or all that educational either, except perhaps to make a point in certain training situations.

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