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Thanks for writing people (lovely to see you post on a thread I started, Arianah hehe). I didn't intend it to be aimed specifically at me, more of a chance for people to talk about their own frustrations and methods to deal with them.
Of course I wouldn't bring up the subject without it being true for myself. At this point, it seems lately that my frustration stages are coming at increasingly closer intervals and also lasting longer. It seems these days that I spend more time feeling crap than good. Whereas in the past it was always opposite. Although the times when I do feel good with aikido....I feel really good!

Someone told me a quote he was given whilst an uchi-deshi for Saito sensei. We all start as cubes and for everything we get right we cut of a corner, thus producing four times as many corners as were there before. So on we go cutting away our corners and producing more until one day.....we end up a sphere!

Whaddya think?

happiness. harmony. compassion.
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