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So you've taken the initiative.

Now the original poll had an attacker. That means someone attacking you. Again, I reiterate that initiative is not violence.

*goes to webster*

Main Entry: 2initiative
Function: noun
Date: 1793
1 : an introductory step <took the initiative in attempting to settle the issue>
2 : energy or aptitude displayed in initiation of action : ENTERPRISE <showed great initiative>
3 a : the right to initiate legislative action b : a procedure enabling a specified number of voters by petition to propose a law and secure its submission to the electorate or to the legislature for approval -- compare REFERENDUM 1
- on one's own initiative : at one's own discretion : independently of outside influence or control

Talking of all the deep ways that initiative affects our lives is outside the scope of the poll.

Do you think taking the initiative to elicit a response from your attacker fits within the philosophy of aikido?
This assumes that there is an attacker. So the meaning of the poll is in the context that a person is in a confrontation.

SO> In a confrontation, is it ok to take the initiative? My answer is yes.
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