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Bruce Baker
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Taking the innitiative

Just a note for those who are smaller, and less physical in presence than myself.

Although I am no longer 5foot 10 inches tall, like I was until my twenties, I still maintained a presence that got me out of dozens of muggings, holdups, fights, and other real world situations. Why? Did I take the innitiative, or was it something else? You got me, but out of dozens of episodes of being almost mugged and robbed, before I was twenty, I only gave up money once.

Somehow, someway, around thirtyfive, the world started to change. Less forcefull, less violence aimed at me, only now an then were there occasions of verbal abuse or violence overcome by my wife's voice in my head,"... remember you promised ... people don't bounce anymore!" Maybe being a hundred pounds heavier, and mistaken for a professional wrestler by the Vince McMahon deters the lesser determined criminals?

The real world? Maybe the insults and disbelief I see in many scripts is from those of you who do not practice awareness.

I don't mean looking around for the landmarks of the day, but being able to spot the wolf pack, or the hunters who are seeking the mark, the patsy, the easy target for a little fun?

Once you can spot these people without looking, and they see you, it is like two animals of equal abilities who know a confrontation will kill one of them, so they back away from it.

If I talk about the love of the Universe, it is because I have known the darkness of it too! Although I did not become anyone famous, or get drawn into it, I understand it, non the less.

Be carefull not to become the black hearted preditor. You will not appreciate the other path of life until many of your friends, relatives, and even enemys are dead from the pursueing the black hearted preditor path. Most of the Bad Asses of my day are dead, or in jail, or just getting out of jail.

If you laugh at what I know about the real world, go ahead ... I rather like the sound of children laughing, better than the silence of dead.

But that is life in the real world, isn't it.
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