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Haowen Chan
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Ki-Aikido or Taiji - effectiveness in developing Qi?


I'm thinking of taking up an internal martial art to improve my health and constitution. I have qualified instructors in the area for ki-aikido and internal CMA (taiji, bagua, xingyi). The Chinese shifu is more experienced but more expensive compared with the local Ki-society branch, so I am having a dilemma in choosing. I want to be well-informed about this choice since I will be devoting many years to studying whichever art I choose.

I am wondering, is Ki-development an effective method for learning the new bodyskill of relaxed energy (aka Ki / Qi)? I've heard enogh success stories in taiji that I believe it is really effective for internal skills training: if you're really patient, have a good teacher and just hold true and keep practicing for years. Is this same phenomenon also empirically true for ki-development, i.e. the yudansha of the ki-society really can demonstrate peng-jin, fa-jin, etc?

Which art is most appropriate for which kind of person? What are the relative merits of Ki-Aikido vs internal CMA?

Thank you very much for your responses!
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