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Re: Internal Power in your Aikido

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
I was also one of the ones who thouth it was -only-in their art. I had no idea it was in Chinese arts, so that was another great piece of information.
I made the same error and for a long time. Yet, the clues were there. All the arts talk about qi, Heaven and Earth, the mind, etc. I never analysed it at the time I was wrong, but I think I was thinking that "they were talking about some other kind of qi/ki, not the Real Stuff (tm) which is in my own art." It's BS..... this stuff has been around so long that the same codified statements and tenets have become part of the lore of almost all the arts. That takes a LONG time to have come into effect. In the last year or two I've had to constantly push back not only when this stuff was first in the Chinese' hands, but also when it was first in the Japanese hands... I think again that my first impressions were wrong and that it has been around far longer than I originally thought. The A-Un statues are a strong clue that this stuff was probably in Japan around 2,000 years ago.
I know what you mean about the diminishing returns. But I'm not really talking to them any more. I talk through them, past them, to the ones who have ears to hear.
Then you did most of your job. You don't have to nursemaid the hungry ones.
In the end I'll be the first to say thanks for being another voice-even when I wanted to throw a chair at ya. And don't give up!!!
There's an old sign that some business people used to hang on their wall in their office: "Make a Buck". Whatever you do, large or small, you have to make a buck for yourself.

I personally go where there's information exchange and I got a lot from some of the better people on this forum... but that seems to have dried up. Rob is going to where there's more "ack-shun" in his way and I'm going to places where I can get more information. I think a lot of the discussion is now headed back to the "let's talk about this for a few more years" mode. Been there; done that. It's archived.


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