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Re: The Point of Aikido

Having offended most of you at one point or another I feel almost too shamed to speak. I will try, since that's the point.

When I came back to the martial ways I could not remember the abuse I had suffered. Now I remember, and I'm getting the medical, and emotional treatment I need.

Having awakened from the nightmare of trauma I see a wake of damage and hurt behind me.

Now, I turn to you who lead the way on this path. Unable to bow in the past, I bow now. It is because of your efforts that I have a PHYSICAL way to address my healing, and it seems to be the only way that has helped me.

Sensei Ledyard - you know me, and I have offended you as well. Pardon the fool who was the last to know he was wrong, and let me learn from you.

Thank you.

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