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Edwin Neal
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Re: The Point of Aikido

[/quote]If you believe that just doing techniques will develop ki and kokyu... then you make my case for me. [/quote]

sorry i don't follow... what case? i have learned that there are 6 methods of Ki developement in aikido... the actual practice of the waza being one, along with Ibuki and seiza ho and a few others

[/quote]If just doing waza developed some things called "ki and kokyu" there was really no need for millions of Asians over thousands of years to make such a big, near-religious deal of it all unless they were incapable of envisioning simple "expertise" by any means other than making up exotic words. [/quote]

What? what do exotic words have to do with developing Ki... doesn't execution of the waza, demonstrate these qualities and their level of development?

[/quote] Rather than divert this column with yet another discussion, why not look at the "Baseline Skillset" and previous threads for you answers.[/quote]

i will, but the "short" answer would be appreciated...

[/quote] The short answer would also be for you to take a look at Tohei and Ueshiba's ki-tests-demo's and see if you can do them easily. [/quote]

those tests are required on every test i have ever taken except for my first "yoshinkan" test... so i can do them, "easily" is subjective, but i don't seem to find it difficult. While i will agree that some aikidoka focus less on Ki development than others... my initial belief that the practice of the waza is itself a method to develop Ki means that to some degree Ki/internal power is being practiced/developed by all aikidoka... as i believe was Osensei's intent...

Edwin Neal

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