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Re: Internal Power in your Aikido

Ueshiba's Aikido never existed "outside" of the extent martial arts. Ueshiba proved its superiority over them by fighting and accepting quasy-challenges in training from many men with and wthout weapons.
From then to now the only thing that has changed is the abilities of the fighters who could come- a-callin
Were they alive, young and kickin I think Takeda, Sagawa, Kodo and Ueshiba would be just the type of men to be out messing with these guys. Why was Ueshiba in his later years showing up at the Kodokan to let Judo men try and throw him? Hmmm.. sound familiar?

Now it appears that many choose to "opt out" of martial challenges or even the thought of them. And "claim" superiority of vision. All while openly stating they don't care about the martial aspects of the art. I find that to be an altogether different take both on Ueshiba's life and the art he demonstrated time and time again against all comers.

I don't think you should be speaking for the motivatons of thousands whom you do not know. Many have openly stated here and in many interviews I have read over the years they that see Aikido as a martial art.
Your lack of interest or perhaps your weakness in using your Aikido against increasingly able men with or without weapons, and your warped sense of it not being a martial art are your own views Justin.


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