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Re: The Point of Aikido

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If just doing waza developed some things called "ki and kokyu" there was really no need for millions of Asians over thousands of years to make such a big, near-religious deal of it all unless they were incapable of envisioning simple "expertise" by any means other than making up exotic words.
Of course, we've seen millions of people (Asians even Mike!) practice techniques. I think they make a big deal out of it like anyone makes a big deal out of anything they love, respect, and enjoy doing. That says nothing about 'how to get ki/kokyu', however.

They also probably made a big deal out of ki-stuff because ki is huge philosophical underpinning in many areas of their culture, martial or otherwise. Thus, they consider it important in many areas.

Of course, we've also seen people claim that the method to get ki/kokyu is also to practice techniques; techniques that they claim will get them ki/kokyu, so I'm not sure why 'waza' becomes a bad word in these debates.

But turning the 'if you question me you are calling millions of people dumb' counter-arguement around, if the ki/kokyu stuff was so important, why did any of these millions of Asians who practiced thousands of years not provide a direct explanation like

Goal: to get ki/kokyu
z) You now have ki/kokyu powers

, and we had to wait to be enlightened to this process by Westerners, many who have much much much less experience in aikido (for example) than all those Asians?

It truly makes one think.

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