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Mike Sigman
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Re: The Point of Aikido

Edwin Neal wrote: View Post
It is my belief that just practicing the waza will naturally develop Ki over time, without any other "practices"...
Hi Edwin:

If you believe that just doing techniques will develop ki and kokyu (a subject in itself which has been beat to death in numerous threads on AikiWeb) then you make my case for me. If just doing waza developed some things called "ki and kokyu" there was really no need for millions of Asians over thousands of years to make such a big, near-religious deal of it all unless they were incapable of envisioning simple "expertise" by any means other than making up exotic words. Rather than divert this column with yet another discussion, why not look at the "Baseline Skillset" and previous threads for you answers. The short answer would also be for you to take a look at Tohei and Ueshiba's ki-tests-demo's and see if you can do them easily.


Mike Sigman
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