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Re: George Ledyard on the Future of Aikido

George S. Ledyard wrote: View Post
The ASU succession is quite clear, it's Hiroshi Ikeda Sensei. There will no particular turmoil associated with this I don't believe. Ikeda Sensei is pretty universally respected, admired and liked.

Yes, I was aware that Ikeda Hiroshi is Saotome shihan's designated successor. That wasn't what i was driving at. I meant to ask: do you believe that when it comes time for Saotome to hand over ASU to Ikeda, or, alternatively, when Ikeda will in years to come pass on ASU's reins to an American successor, Aikikai Hombu will step in and impose its own candidate for succession on ASU? Is there a precedent for Hombu to do so with a federation in another country? And is this procedure of imposing a succession one that Hombu will likely impose on other US federations like USAF?
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