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Bruce Baker
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illicit respopnse from attacker

Final thoughts.

Get out more child? Thanks!!

I do try to be a child as I click half a century!

You will never hear a good, that is GOOD sensei advocate violence. What you will get is a warning of just what certain techniques are capable of causing injury. Does that clarify it? If not, then you had better get to a law library because in advocating the violence, the instructor is liable to share the penalties for student, although morally, each teacher does share a portion of this morality.

Maybe after your have been to instruction, or seminars of fifty to one hundred different teachers, you too will be a child at heart with a little more knowledge than you have now.

You should be very happy ... you have illicited a response, now what are you going to do? Whine and respond, or find out what I am talking about by getting out in the big wide world and doing it?
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