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Re: Frustration

Originally posted by shadow
Any people here get frustrated with aikido?
Do you get the feelings that it's all for nothing? [/quote]
How about the feeling that with every class you are getting worse? [/quote]
Been there. Be there again.
Or that you never progress? [/quote]
Done that.
That you'll never get 'there' wherever 'there' is? [/quote]
That to.

What do you do to overcome them? [/quote]

These feelings of incompetence tend to balance out my manic feeling that I'm a god and that my aikido is going to be better than O'Sensei's.

But on a serious tip. I wrestle with these problem in aikido as well as in life, more the latter. When I'm feeling this way I usually read a quote from The Art of Peace and sit and breathe for a moment. I also, remind myself not to take myself seriously and try to laugh at myself.

What I like to do is help out the lower ranking aikidokas. By helping them I can see myself when I started and see how much I progressed I have made. Also, by helping others I tend to feel better about myself. Aikido is love after all.
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