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Re: The Point of Aikido

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
To be clear-and Ron you may have missed this-but I have said to everyone but Mark Murray and Rob Liberti"

"Stay in Aikido. As far as I'm concerned, don't even tell anyone you're training with me. Just make yourself better and make Aikido better."

1. What I can instill in them will, beyond any doubt, create in them a more powerful Aikido, without exception, if they do the work.
2. It's more important WHAT is right...not WHO right.

Why was it different with Mark and Rob?
Sorrintino's "challenge as invitation." Which most of you considered very rude as well as the rude commmentary surrounding it from many, resulted in an agreement. It was agreed to publicly that Mark and Ron were to come "test me" and report back. Ron could not make it so I agreed to Rob. Those two I asked to write back into Aiki-webb
Since that time I have been besieged by Aikido and some Daito ryu people. Two more back to train today. Most of whom don't write.
I have not responded to any of your writings for some time, because it seemed to me that you were more interested in lecturing than in engaging in a dialogue. But I have grown tired of your continued statements on AikiWeb that my invitation to you, almost a year ago, was rude, and that my intent was hostile (and when someone does not even take the time to spell my name correctly, well... ) My open invitation (which still stands) was neither rude nor hostile. It was blunt and skeptical --- two qualities which you seem to admire and espouse. Readers may judge for themselves:

I believe that you have demonstrated your skills to Rob Liberti, Mark Murray, Ron Tisdale, etc. I have spoken with each of them (and corresponded with others) at length. I do not doubt their testimony. Nevertheless, my invitation to demonstrate and teach, outside your own venue and with a group that you do not select, still stands.

You have often stated that the skills are more important that the particular person teaching them. ("It's more important WHAT is right...not WHO [is] right.") I agree with you. So, apart from Akuzawa/Rob John, Mike Sigman, and you, who do you know of who currently teaches these skills? I'm sure you wouldn't mind if those of us with an interest sought them out as well.


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