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Re: George Ledyard on the Future of Aikido

In my experience, I found that there is fierce Aikido rivalry in Japan too, albeit, a rather more silent kind of rivalry. People are also aware of MMA but discount it as it not what they are after. A couple of my Japanese aikidoing firends have communicated directly/indirectly that they are doing Aikido, Karate or whatever because it is their heratage; they want to feel Japanese (it can even lead to jobs, especially in university). MMA does not do that for them. This might also explain why people buy those old cowboy colts - expensive - instead of a brand new, far more effective automatic.

I don't think a large org can transmit Aikido in depth on a large scale. It is more likely the opposite. Small scale has much more chance of passing on skill, but the condition is that they have skill to pass on.

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