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Re: Frustration

Originally posted by shadow
Any people here get frustrated with aikido? Many I'm sure.
Do you get the feelings that it's all for nothing? How about the feeling that with every class you are getting worse? Or that you never progress? That you'll never get 'there' wherever 'there' is? Or any other similiar feelings.

What feelings do you have and what do you do to overcome them?
Sure, everyone gets frustrated.

On Aikido-L the saying is that all of us always suck. We just strive to suck at a little higher level.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Keep training. You're probably actually making progress, but being your own worst critic, you're not seeing it.

2. Get someone to videotape you training at six month intervals. Look at the current, then review the takes from six months and a year ago.

3. If you just feel that you're in a rut, go visit another dojo that trains in a different way. The different perspective often helps.

4. If all else fails, go train at the local McDojo for a couple of months.


Greg Jennings
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