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Re: George Ledyard on the Future of Aikido

Scenario 2: my preferred vision. Aikido 2050

The aikikai continues it role as a central leadership entity for maintaining grading standards and consistency. However, it recognizes that although Aikido is culturally a Japanese art contributions and evolution of the art can come from many sources. Efforts by various senior level instructors and shihans elevated by the aikikai in the late 1990s and early 2000s reflects a growing development of the internal aspects of the art. These instructors pushed their instructors to impart what they knew as best they could and sought out external sources to fill in the gaps on internal skills. All with the knowledge and blessing of the aikikai. Modern educational techniques were used to develop these skills in the next line of senior instructors. The philosophical aspects of the art continue to attract students after the devastating long term effects of terrorism and war activities of the early 2000s moved leaders and the populace to seek higher level solutions to conflict resolution. Aikido's popularity grew as people sought to live a more humane lifestyle while also recognizing the fact that radical factions can perpetuate violence at any time. Also, seeking to learn better internal control and develop internal strength skills made Aikido attractive after it strengthened it's own resolve in this area with a paradigm shift in the 2010s, Senior instructors increased their search for and emphasis on developing the lost internal aspects of the art which resulted from lack of or weak transmission levels. Although no one has yet attained the reputed skills of O'Sensei, many senior instructors have developed incredible internal skills and methods to teach them to their students. This evolution has also influenced the aikikai to improve their development programs in the same areas as well. Aikido continues to spread and grow as people recognize its strengths. Children programs have also grown considerably as parents have recognized the importance of aikido philosophy and training versus teaching punching and kicking skills that were in vogue during the late 1990s and early 2000s. Martial arts movies have evolved to show more than simply the physical side of the arts as well. With over a hundred years of stability, the art appears to be here to stay.

The aikikai has also recognized the development of senior instructors in other countries and has promoted several to 8th dan. The aikikai teaching staff has also become international with additions of shihan from other countries with excellent teaching skills.

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