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Charles Hill
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Re: George Ledyard on the Future of Aikido


Although I am a bit out of the loop, I sincerely doubt that Honbu is planning on having the young shidoin travel to established dojo/organizations overseas to take over. They do have the shihan/shidoin travel to countries that do not have established organization to teach. I believe the Mr. Ito mentioned above spent a couldle of years in some southeast Asian country working to established Aikido there.

Also the shihan all have university clubs that they run and or help out at and I am sure that that work will be turned over to the younger teachers as this is a big source of income for the Aikikai.

In my understanding there is only one group that has looked to Honbu for some degree of help and that is the Midwest Aikido group. And surely this is due to the problems that occured upon Tohei Sensei's death, things that is obviously the other US based shihan are working to avoid.

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