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Re: George Ledyard on the Future of Aikido

Is it likely that Hombu will send some of their young instructors, people like Ito or Suzuki, to the US to run organizations and in effect replace the generation of Yamada, Saotome, and Chiba? Is anyone aware of such a plan? I thought the point of promoting people like Waite and Bernath and the others to seventh dan is to signify that the US can take care of itself as far as the technical side of aikido is concerned. As Ledyard Sensei points out, a young shidoin would have a rough time imposing his authority on shihan who are more senior and may have been training longer than the shidoin has been alive. Eg, Ito is 32, Waite has been training since the late 1960s. Surely Hombu is aware of the potential problem.
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