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Cool Re: For the internal Guys, real?

That was pretty funny. I kept imagining the guy in a bar going through all that buildup while someone broke beer bottle after beer bottle on his head.

Go see if you can find a piece of concrete about the size of the ones he had stacked up. Obviously, those slabs had no re-bar in them so you've got to find some pretty strange slabs. I suspect those slabs were poured just for that demo.

However, if you can find some slabs like that, try to lay it down over some supports that are 2 feet apart, just like he did. Be careful... you're liable to break it just laying it across the supports.

Notice, BTW, that each one of the slabs in the demo had a spacer between it and the slab on either side of it. Why do you think they did that... for aesthetic appeal? No, they did it so that each breaking slab can deform and do most of the work in breaking the slab below it.

The hardest part of that demo would be to stack the slabs without breaking one or all of them. Anytime you see spacers in a breaking demo, bet that you're watching humdrum physics.


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