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Re: George Ledyard on the Future of Aikido

Very good article even tho a little pessimistic. But if it is true that the Doshu will decide the new "head" of organizations not letting decide the Uchi Deshi decide (that's what I understood, if wrong sorry), I doubt Aikikai will be that big again.
I know ASU already left Aikikai once, to rejoin it later on. So I suppose many groups under the umbrella will just take their own path. But hopefully Saotome Sensei will live for 100 more years so I will never know what happens

As per passing the art and losing skills in the way I don't think it has to do much with the size of organization. Uchi Deshi were in 24/7 training enviroment. Even tho not throwing or with a Jo in their hands all the time, they were constantly with O Sensei. This kind of training is, in my opinion, impossible to transfer to your students...even the best of your students that might be very talented. Some skills, I think, are destined to be lost and very hardly reintroduced into the Art. Ledyard Sensei mentioned in his article great people like Ueshiba and Takeda. True they were able to add an edge to an Art and make it their own, something that branded their names...but there is a difference. They had to fight for their lives many and many times. Even the best of teachers today doubtfully will be able to give back that lost edge to Aikido.
But I do think Aikido is still an alive Martial Art, so probably lost skills won't come back, but new ones can come. I wouldn't worry too much about the political issues about Aikido, because an Art that survived centuries (ok, not Aikido, but its roots) will always find a way to continue its existance in a "very good shape".

Just my 2 cents...
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