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Wink Re: Eat Your Veggies

This is a very interesting thread.....whether I'm just lucky and have the wife I have in the way that she has brought up our children has, I would say something to do with my insistence that she would not work in some profession whilst raising them..... she originally worked in conveyancing and was offered promotion and training to promote her status to a legal level.... I was at the time an electrician, cab driver (still am), peripatetical teacher aikido/self defence/awareness classes in which she would join when time allowed and even when pregnant! (3rd dan Tomiki aikido).... she willingly gave up her chance and we went on to raise a family... of course I helped in the way most fathers would when at home.... whilst working all hours that God sent.... we haven't done so bad and are solvent.... My boy and girl have now grown to 16 & 14 yrs respectively.... they have their ups and downs as any normal offspring but have turned out wonderful.... no problems at all! Never made them do aikido.... The boy tried out judo and wanted to try aikido at his instigation when younger but lost interest.... (dissappointed but didn't worry about it) things have moved on, both are doing really well in their studies and we made sure that they ate their veg and all the other things that are good for them. Both of them agree that I can be very strict at times but they say I am also fair.... they still eat their veg and enjoy it! the funny part is our girl wants to be a P.E. teacher. Our boy who wants to get into design and technology and has started aikido....

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