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Basia Halliop
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Re: Eat Your Veggies

I have all sorts of friends who were made to go to music lessons, dance lessons, etiquette lessons, etc when they were young. Virtually none of them wanted to go, all of them have said that they are now glad that their parents made them do it.
My experience has been pretty much the opposite. I can't think of anyone I know who still does the things they were _made_ to do when they were young, in some cases even when they really did have a talent at it. It's like if you keep telling a child something is a vegetable, they grow up to believe you deeply and implicitly (and that includes vegetables..). On the other hand, for example, the voracious readers I know, my family included, had parents who read a lot themselves for pleasure, were always seen by the kids reading, took for granted that reading was a treat, and "allowed" the children to read after they had done chores or whatever.

So I suppose it depends on the goal -- forcing a child who say, dislikes a certain school subject to learn it seems to make them dislike it even more in my own experience, BUT they do learn it (albeit not quite as well as someone who loves it), so if the goal is simply to learn a necessary skill, then it may be worthwhile.

Obviously your mileage may vary. Kids have such different presonalities.
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