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Re: Internal Power in your Aikido

But the real goal is first and foremost to change you. You guys really hold the keys to what's going to happen. My hope is that you come and train often enough to support your solo training at home. To come and shugyo with us and go back inspired. From early on we developed a system of, testing, then training, test, train. The dichotomy in pursuing power and then doing jujutsu is that it is immediate and constant feedback in what you do. I'll even work on Aikido with you like we did that day with Ron and Mark in kokyu dosa (Aiki age) so you can more readily make a correlation. AIkido is Daito ryu no matter how mad it makes people to say so-it So we can work on a central pivot and do ten-chi nage, or Irimi and host of other things as part of creating currents while moving. I did this Sat with an Aikido student with good results. The reason its hard to do -away from somone who focuses on this- is that if folks fail, they to often go back to what they know instead of stopping to correct. You can't have an ego-you have to be willing to stop and fix it.
Supporting your technique with solo work is the best way. When you see the active results of your solo work on your aikido mates-I think you'll be encouraged to train even harder. When you're here we can even work on a very small group of Aikido waza.

Then again we could work on some grappling too- after we stop doing real martial arts-and put our weapons down to fool around with you jujutsu guys

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