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Re: Dan, Mike, and Aikido

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
The alteration... to spend more [time] in class doing Aiki-Taiso and other basic-movement exercises to burn in kokyu/jin, movement, ki-exercise/tests, and so on. ...only doing a few basic waza in each class, doing them slowly and analysing them closely for continuous, unbroken usage of this type of power. Gradually, ... evolve back to more complex and realistic Aikido techniques, but always with an eye to doing them completely through with correct power....some direct and powerful sudden techniques... should be introduced.... ones that are capable of putting a grown man down. I.e., I think a little Ai-yai-yai should be put back in Aikido.
Heh heh... I hope you don't mind if I steal... er.. borrow... that as my new slogan... "putting the Ai-yai-yai back into Aikido."..

One of the benefits of focusing mainly on basic body movement, body conditioning and basic techniques done with the correct body mechanics, is that students tend to pick up the more complex techniques a lot quicker. Plus, the smarter ones will tend to extrapolate stuff and be more capable of responding with the appropriate technique - thus seemingly "creating new forms".

This would seem like a good motivation for reducing the focus on waza, to the extent that whatever basic waza is introduced, it's treated more as an exercise in reinforcing proper body mechanics and effective/efficient use of "effortless" power.

However, the "change" also necessitates a change in the student's mindset. The ones that can't see the immediate benefits of such a practice modality, in terms of gaining any real or perceived fighting abilities, tend to drop out very quickly.

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