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Freaky! KBA Download

Originally posted by Arianah
The download worked for you? I've downloaded it twice, and when I try to open it, winzip says that it is not a valid archive. Any of you computer savy folks have any suggestions about how to make this work? Because gods know I have no idea.

Hi Sarah,

I figured this could happen. This is from the Instructions for Installing Ki Breathing Assistant:

"...Next use the Install on the WinZip toolbar or just double click on setup.exe in the WinZip window. this will start the installation process. Follow the prompts it will take about 2 minutes to install."

Don't try and open the file, remember this is an executable. Double click on the file and get WinZip running. When WinZip starts up there should be three files, Ki Breathing Assistant (zipped), setup.exe and Setup.lst. You can install the program two different ways.[list=1][*]Double click on setup.exe and begin installation.[*]Click the Install button on the WinZip toolbar and follow the prompts.[/list=1]

Clear as Mud?

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