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Evil Eyes Re: Zazen Meditation, Haragei and Focus

Something I am interested in hearing about from people are thier views on state of mind, you know all that "no minded jazz"!

My view is thus, the mind is like a modem, there is cable and there is dial-up, to depend on thought is like a dial-up modem it takes time. However common everyday though involves conversing in your own mind "mental chatter" people tend to verbalize words or actions before they are preformed, this is slow.

The human mind can calculate 2+2 without counting in ones head, you just know what the answer is. Everyone can fight, it is instinct, whether physical or not. To to think is slow, what is the cure, it literally is after consistent meditation involving lower abdominal breathing of which will strengthen the muscles in the stomach which press against organs and such creating a sensation one can focus on.

To focus ones mind on keeping ones fists closed or on another point such as the Hara one cannot think while acting, one can only act. This results in faster decision making. After all as my former teacher said, a masterful sword fight might last an average of .20 seconds. It is about action not thought, thought is a plague of mind.

Stop thinking and the mind begins to think for itself.
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