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Re: Dan, Mike, and Aikido

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
The alteration I'm envisioning is to spend more in class doing Aiki-Taiso and other basic-movement exercises to burn in kokyu/jin, movement, ki-exercise/tests, and so on. (I'm agreeing on the personal work aspects, but let's leave that as a given). Then I see a teacher only doing a few basic waza in each class, doing them slowly and analysing them closely for continuous, unbroken usage of this type of power. Gradually, the techniques can evolve back to more complex and realistic Aikido techniques, but always with an eye to doing them completely through with correct power.
I agree with this and I am trying to head this way. The difficulties I see revolve around a true understanding on the part of the teacher as to what full body movement, movement with structure, feels like so you can back engineer it into your aiki taiso to get the kind of practice results you have been talking to. Another difficulty lies with the numbers involved, and by this I mean the number of teachers teaching in a given dojo. Slow moving repeated practice of the kind being talked about will drive many students into other classes and away from yours if there are multiple teachers in the dojo and if there is only one that teacher may get bored with it also. I think we are back to only limited numbers are willing to seek the training and even more limited numbers are willing to put the time into getting it. As for me when I get a chance to touch bases with you I can see were I am and what it is I might have missed. I may also rediscover some of the things I was shown in the 70's and may not have picked up on or have forgotten.

Still moving after all these years......
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