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M. McPherson
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Re: Internal Power in your Aikido

Hi Andy,

I'm not very qualified to answer from the aikido perspective, as I left the art years ago (although I'll qualify that to say that I think that what Dan and you guys are doing *is* from that angle, I hope to be doing aikido again someday). I train(ed) Uechi Ryu...but am taking time off to work on this stuff. I'm also starting to look into some arts that are a bit more, ah, comprehensive, and closer to the ground.
I'm really just posting to say thanks for taking the time to work with us. From the people there (us new folks) I've spoken or emailed with, there is uniform agreement as to not only how good all of you are, but how damned friendly and giving all of you were/are, too. As has been said, given how capable you all are, you people have no business being so damned nice. The nerve of you guys, operating a dojo with no ego, none of that required intimidation factor, or sucking up to rank...
So, again, my sincere thanks to you.

As for your questions, I'll answer them anyway. First, I think this stuff is integral to aikido. If Ueshiba could do it, and some of his students either approximated it or could do it outright, why not everyone? If the koryu model of trying to get the student to approximate if not pass the teacher's ability can hold true (I know, not always the case), why not in aikido? Without it, as has been mentioned here, aikido is not an internal art, and is only a questionably effective form of jujutsu.
Who knows if the current aikido power structure (in whatever organization) will ever embrace this stuff. My opinion is, sadly, that they won't. I think you'll see folks within aikido embrace this stuff, hopefully get good at it...only to be either marginalized at the fringe, or leave outright. Some real schismatic fodder, in other words. As necessary as this stuff is, it's too challenging to the current aikido world view. Maybe in a generation or two...

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