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Mike Sigman
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Re: Ki, Aiki, Aikido. The 'internal stuff' that never left Aikido

Budd Yuhasz wrote: View Post
Mike(Ecosamurai), could you describe, with as much detail as you can give, how you are approaching/training the rowing exercise and what, specifically, you're developing by training this?

Since I'm packing to leave on a trip in a couple of hours, I can't spend the time anymore today to get involved in a long discussion. Basically, people should remember this about any exercise and any technique: any exercise (including fune-kogi-undo) should contain practice for all the components you can already do. So fune-kogi-undo can be an exercise for simple back and forth using correct jin (for a beginner) or it can contain breathing, power store-and-release, condensing power, and everything else, for someone advanced.


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