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Re: Internal Power in your Aikido

Hi Andrew,

You're asking the easy questions of us.

Q2: To what degree do you believe using this Internal Power is necessary or relevant in Aikido?

IMO, the internal skills are very necessary and relevant.

Q1: What I want to know is after meeting Dan working with him and experiencing what he and some others are doing, how do you feel this Internal Power can be used in your Aikido?

To some, I think they can view this in a different way. If you define aiki as matching energy, then what the internal skills do is allow you to do just that without having to "effect" the other person. Without any external attempt at influencing the other person, one can still be aiki.

Q3: As a result from being exposed to this, What would YOU like to see happen in Aikido today?

The training methodology for developing these skills added to the syllabus. Doesn't mean that all class can be spent on training internal, but those that want to do it at home, can. Those that don't want to, don't have to. You get out of aikido what you put into it.

But, you're missing the hard questions. How do you integrate this training into an organization? How do you introduce it to the organization in the first place? Once there, do you introduce it to shihan first and let it filter down? to everyone at once? How do you fit it into the syllabus? Do you offer special classes for the training? What basis do you use to promote people? What kind of ramifications well be seen by the introduction? Address each of these problems for the varying organizations and countries. It's a nightmare to even think about.

For those in smaller places, what do you do? How do you do it? What happens in a year or so when the technical skill becomes apparent to the organization? etc.

I'm very new to the internal skills and I'm still trying to wrap my mind/body around the exercises. I have just started thinking about the ramifications and it's a headache.

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